We specialise in working with business owners, self-made or self-employed individuals such as barristers, typically holding between £250,000 and £5 million to invest.

This may seem like a very specific client base. But that’s because what we do for our clients in this demographic is so targeted and, ultimately, so successful.

Our strength lay in taking the burden of financial planning off your shoulders, so that you can focus your efforts on the things that matter most to you, outside of work.

We’re Bristol’s most trusted independent retirement planners, and we work with people across the UK. We’re experienced in preparing our clients for retirement, and maintaining their financial well-being throughout those well-earned years after work.

In fact, 70% of our clients gave retirement planning as their primary reason for contacting us.

Pension freedoms announced in 2015 have given people more choice over how they save for retirement, and when they can start accessing their pension pot. That’s great in many respects, but it also puts the onus on people like you, to ensure you save adequately for your retirement throughout your working life, and then manage that pot appropriately during retirement.

That’s where we can help you. Having met you and got to know your financial situation and life goals, we will prepare a methodical financial plan that helps deliver your goals, both now and in the future. This part of our service is completely free of charge.

Whether retirement is imminent or years away still, we’d love to hear from you, and help you secure the financial future that your hard work deserves.