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I set up Ifamax following a life-changing phone conversation with my mother, in August 2002. Mum had lost over half of her investment portfolio through unsuccessful investments. Markets were down at the time, partly due to the dotcom bubble bursting, and I could see that Mum had lost quite a lot of money that she would never recover. In the early 1990s Mum had sold her share in the family farm, investing the proceeds through a financial adviser and stock broker; two people I knew, and she trusted. Sadly, that trust was misplaced; one lost her money by investing quite heavily in Dotcom start-ups, the other in precipice bonds that failed to deliver.

I felt guilty. I hadn’t helped Mum with her investments and I should have got involved. I knew I could’ve done a better job managing her money myself. So, I took one more exam that I felt I needed, and in 2003, I set up Ifamax. Mum became my first client, then my aunt, then other family members and friends came on board. In 2004 Tamzin Howard joined the team, followed in 2008 by Ashton Chritchlow. Today we’re a small but perfectly formed team of financial planning professionals based in Bristol, servicing clients across the UK.

We’re independent financial advisers managing over £150 million of assets for just over 200 families. We specialise in helping business owners, self-employed or successfully employed individuals to plan and prepare for their retirement. We have the expertise to manage your pension, arrange your income tax and capital gains tax requirements, and co-ordinate your inheritance planning.

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