Creating a financial plan now that allows you live the life you’ve always dreamed of later, is our main reason for existence. You may dream of retiring early, or indulging in regular life experiences around the globe, the moment you stop working. Whatever your goals, you’ll need a rigorous financial plan that’s specifically tailored to your income, your attitude to risk and your outgoings. We offer a precision planning approach, meaning we’ll explore every facet of your existing strategy before deciding on the best way forward, to help you achieve the retirement you deserve.

You’ll want a healthy monthly pension allowance, with enough saved up for a rainy day, and a robust inheritance plan for when the time comes. A number of aspects feed into constructing the perfect retirement package:

Assessing your attitude to risk +

How much are you prepared - or can you afford - to lose? Investments can go up and down in the short-term, which is why we build portfolios that deliver steady returns over the long-term, in line with your attitude to risk. In some cases, the security of an annuity may be the right option for you.


Alternative assets +

Assets like commercial property can also be held within your portfolio. This helps diversify risk, and can lead to better returns over time.


How to draw income tax efficiently +

Pensions are extremely tax efficient and it may be better to draw on other assets before taking any income from your pension. We calculate the most tax efficient way of drawing your income in retirement.


Sequencing risk +

We calculate the impact a run of poor investment returns can have on your portfolio, which is known as ‘sequencing risk’. If the pension is your main, or only, asset, and your need for income is high, then this can also impact the recommendation we would make to you.


Spreading your pension pot throughout your retirement +

It’s easy to spend too much, too soon in your retirement. We understand it’s exciting; finishing work and embarking on a new and exciting phase of life. That’s why, through our comprehensive cashflow planning we’ll ensure you have enough to spend in those early years of retirement, while still maintaining enough for those later years, when you may need more money for additional support.


Understanding your whole situation +

Our initial conversations will help us understand any additional requirements you may have. This can include health issues, which may mean a defined benefit pension scheme, an enhanced annuity, or a drawdown account, is more appropriate for you. We’ll also need to know about your children, dependants, and what you’d like to happen to your wealth in the event of premature death.


Weighing up death benefits +

We’ll analyse your pension schemes, and let you know how much your heirs and dependants could receive.


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