Pension freedoms introduced in April 2015 have changed the way in which we access our pensions. You now have much more control over your pension; what you invest and how much of it you withdraw, and when. You can also pass assets down the family line with greater freedom. More and more people with final salary pensions are transferring to modern personal pension equivalents, to maximise this potential.

Should I transfer? We can help

Do you have a final salary pension that you want to transfer out of? We will look at your existing pension portfolio at your initial Discovery Meeting. Then, we’ll go away and analyse whether that’s the right option for you, based on your objectives and goals. We don’t provide an ‘execution-only’ service here; in other words, we’ll advise you what we think you should do, but ultimately you will have the final say.

What’s involved in transferring?

We will write to your existing pension provider, and ask them for their transfer criteria. There’s no charge for transferring your pension - you’ll simply pay an ongoing service fee once we actually start managing your wealth. Waiting for your existing provider can take months, but we will keep you posted on progress every step of the way.

Do you accept transfers from other advisers?

Yes. You may come to us initially for a Second Opinion consultation, and be happy with what you hear and decide to move over to us. Or you may want to utilise our investment strategy, through our carefully selected asset managers. Around a third of the pension transfers we administer are for people previously advised by other firms. Lots of advisers do a fantastic job, while others deliver poor service and even worse performance. If you are considering a move, please get in touch for a free Second Opinion Consultation.

Do you offer execution-only services?

No, we will not offer execution-only for pension transfers of any kind.