Our Certified Financial Planners are highly experienced, and passionate about helping you deal with your retirement options, including pension transfers or inheritance planning.

We have a tried and tested, six-stage process which helps us devise the best strategy for you, no matter what your situation.


Stage 1: Discovery Meeting - FREE

A 90 minute meeting to find out more about what's important to you. What are your core values? What are your goals? What is your attitude to risk? And what do you want to find out from us? Be open and honest about what you want to achieve, and in return we will be open and honest about how we can help you achieving your goals. We’ll also ask you to sign a ‘Request for further information’ letter, so that we can reach out to your existing product and investment providers. This is so we can find out the charges, penalties, potential bonuses and tax implications associated with your current products.


Stage 2: Diagnostics - FREE

We’ll then go away and compare your existing products and investments against the goals set at Stage 1. Are you on track to be financially independent, by the age you want to be? Are your finances as tax-efficient as they can be? Can you financially support your children and/or grandchildren through their education, or on the property ladder? Can you travel the world, buy that dream yacht, and eat out every night, as is your want? Some of your existing arrangements may be appropriate, but others may need updating.

Many of our competitors charge for this service, but we do not.


Stage 3: Investment Plan Meeting - FREE

We’ll present our diagnostics comparison to you, which may include suggestions on how we can improve your current plan to achieve your goals. We’ll outline which of your existing products will need to be changed in order to meet your objectives, as well as map out the ongoing fees you’ll need to pay. We’ll outline the remaining steps in the process, and provide you with some paperwork to read prior to joining us. No decisions need to be made at this meeting, and we’ll give you all the time you need to make your decision.


Stage 4: Mutual Commitment Meeting

If you decide to go ahead, this meeting will allow us to answer any further questions you may have before we get started. After this meeting we’ll go ahead and implement your investment strategy, as agreed with you. 


Stage 5: 45-Day follow up meeting

This is to ensure everything is up and running as expected. We’ll show you your first valuation and explain how it all works. If you want to see this online going forwards, we can show you how to access your online account.


Stage 6: Regular Review Meeting

These meetings allow us to see if anything has changed in your life that may impact your goals. We’ll review your financial risks, and look at any potential tax planning opportunities. We’ll also review your valuation together, and discuss whether any changes need to be made to your portfolio. We can also take care of any paper-shredding, if you require it.