Ifamax Cleans Up!


On the winter solstice, Ifamax went to work on making life just a little bit better at the Dogs’ Friends Rescue, which is based near Cheddar. We went with no specific plan, other than for them to use us as they wished.


Ashton and Jamie were initially tasked with cleaning out some stables and then adding waste to their composting heap. I’m afraid I had to intervene momentarily to give a fork using demo. Having come from a farming background myself, watching those two boys in action with long fork handles was painful on the eyes.

Naomi and I were tasked with filling a skip. Dogs’ Friends are halfway through redevelopment of one side of their yard. Some old sheds were being removed and there was quite a bit of rubbish and rubble to clear away.


The biggest challenge in working in the main yard was being around six very large, but friendly Golden or Chocolate Labradors. These Labs took great interest in every item that was being removed and simply walked in your way when you least expected it. Naomi made the massive mistake of actually showing them some attention, which for her, resulted in trying to push off about one ton of dog for the rest of the afternoon, as they all competed for her affection.


Our last job was then for all of us to clear down the main yard. The surface is rather broken and is full of potholes. I think it’s an area that really needs funding as it can’t be easy to work with, especially during very wet or cold periods.

Ashton, Jamie, Naomi and I, all had a great day of hard work. It was pleasing to step back and see the change we had made and we would happily do it again.

If you would like to donate please to Dogs’ Friends, please click on the link.     

Asad Siddiqui