Once we have discussed your financial goals with you through our six-stage advice process, we will then look to implement an investment strategy that gives you the best chance of achieving your retirement goals.

Our job is to help you avoid, or minimise, these four investment pitfalls:

1) Don’t follow leaders - following market fads or trying to predict the future is a big mistake. We follow a tried and tested, evidence-based approach to investing, and we’re not distracted by short-term hysteria or market ‘noise’.

2) Inflation Sensitive - like most things in the market, inflation is cyclical. And while it may be low at the moment, it will always come back up. Don’t store up unnecessary problems for the future in your portfolio by relying on what has worked well over the last 20 years only.

3) Risky Business - Don’t take on more risk than you need to, to achieve your ultimate goal. Some people have risked everything to get where they are and feel that they need to carry on in this vein forever. That is not always the case.

4) Focus On Tax - We are always on the lookout for ways we can reduce the tax you need to pay on your investments.