We know that you’re busy. And the last thing you want is a pile of paperwork you don’t know what to do with. In truth, 95% of the paperwork you receive probably doesn’t need to be kept, so part of our financial administration service is to help you identify what you need to keep, and what can go straight in the shredding bin.

As a general rule of thumb, the only documents you really need to keep are things like terms and conditions, or documents talking about the advice we’ve given you, or on tax.

Go paperless with your own online account

All our clients are given an online account so that all files and documents can be safely stored there, and accessed at any time. Our systems are encrypted and all files are backed up, ensuring the highest level of internet safety possible.

We can help you with printed documentation

If you bring in your paperwork each time you meet us, we can help you decide what’s important and therefore should be kept, and what can be popped in the shredding bin. This doesn’t have to be correspondence from us; it can be anything you’ve received in the post that you’re unsure of. 

Your instructions to us

These don’t have to be made in written form; we are happy to take instructions over the phone. We’ll then write to you to confirm what we’ve done, and if there’s an issue you can contact us straight away. We’ll never ask for your financial details over email - these should be sent via post or handed over in person.

Data security and GDPR

We will handle your personal data with extreme caution at all times. We will only store data that is pertinent to our working relationship on file, and all with your express permission, in line with current GDPR rules and regulations.

We use cutting edge anti-virus and firewall software that not only blocks, but detects even the slightest hint of abnormal activity on our servers. We use intelligent data encryption techniques, while passwords are updated on a regular basis.